Answer the Call - feel healthy, vibrant, and passionate about life!

If you have felt bogged down by anxiety, worry, or feel generally indifferent about your life, even though you have no "real" reason to feel this way, it's time to find freedom.  

At Health's Calling you will learn how to feel energized and at peace with the present moment, while feeling set free to achieve your highest potential.

 Here’s how:


Step 1: Combat anxiety and take control of your mind

Eliminate anxiety in your life through life coaching, yoga, meditation, time-blocking tools, and journaling.


Step 2: Find your passion and get energized!

Get customized yoga sessions and energy healing techniques tailored to your body, with continual support throughout your healing journey.  Through coaching you can manage any stress, find clarity as to the purpose of your life, and reignite your passion for living.


Step 3: Discover your best health, at any age

The journey is happening.  To make outward change, you must go inward.  Make a spiritual connection, discover your higher self, and improve your health with integrative practices such as yoga, shamanism, applied kinesiology, energy medicine healing, and ayurveda.

Welcome to your platform for healing.  I am here to guide, teach, and walk alongside you as you learn how to discover your highest potential and achieve optimal health; body, mind, and spirit. 

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Alyson Iannicelli

Yogi, Life Coach, and Healing Enthusiast

My call is to help every individual discover their highest potential and feel energized and excited about living.  We all have unique gifts and talents that can be developed to help make the world a better place.  My passion is helping others go inwards to find a connection to their true self, and blossom into the divine being you are. 

I personally struggled with perfectionism and anxiety for years, but through my own journey to healing with integrative health modalities, I have learned how and why we all can live our best life.  


It is an honor and privilege to work with you; to hear more about my healing journey, please click here to read my blog.


MA in Integrative Health and Healing, BA in English Communication/IT

RYT 200 Hour Hatha Yoga, with an emphasis in Ayurveda & Private Instruction

Level I Energy Medicine Yoga Instructor and Assistant to Lauren Walker (creator of EMYoga)

Reiki I & II Practitioner