Why do birds fly in the rain?

December 13, 2017

It happened after savasana as my eyes readjusted to my outward surroundings. I stayed on the borderline between inner and outer awareness, like peering beyond the veil of what is here, and what is beyond. Unable to stir my body, I stared straight ahead out the grey window at the bare trees, and saw a flare. Looking more intently, I saw the red flash yet again. When you tap into the pulse of the universe, as many of us know, either from a walk in the woods, or after a deep meditation, signs appear everywhere. The red cardinal dancing from branch to branch in the cold winter rain, is absolutely my sign for this season.

There is no doubt of the significance. Of all of the spots for me to place my mat on the studio floor, or of all the windows for me to gaze out of, the red cardinal appeared precisely in my line of vision. Since completing my Reiki training this past summer, I’ve become more in-tune with the symbols and guidance we all receive through nature. Reading the cardinal as a totem, and according to www.spirit-animals.com, “You are reminded that everything you do is of importance.” Vitality, compassion, and clear intention setting are some of the highlights of this animal’s spiritual symbolism. Further, the cardinal reminds us to listen to our inner voice and intuition, which for me, seems to be the most important message at this time.

So, how do birds fly in the rain? Or maybe, more importantly, why? On this especially cold and dreary December day, I felt baffled by how any of us do anything in this type of weather! Regardless, I went to yoga, saw my red cardinal, and on my drive home from class, I continued to receive guidance in how to live my life. I saw a woman power-walking through the rain, and a hawk swoop from a telephone pole to a tree. I was left asking why. Did the woman make a commitment to herself that no matter what, she would take her morning walk? Did she start walking, and then got caught in the rain? Or, are we all like the birds, that need to keep flying and living even when the conditions are not ideal? Airing on the side of hope, I believe that the latter is true.

If we wait for the conditions to be a certain way, we will stay captive to our fear. As a perfectionist myself, producing work that did not feel like A+ material was often paralyzing. However, this is what I am working to overcome. As you can tell, I write how I talk, with a poetic edge, and with a few, perhaps many, grammatical errors. In the end, the message is what has the potential to be the A+ work. It may be imperfect in its structure, but it has the ability to change how we think, guide us when we feel we are lost, and become the red cardinal dancing from branch to branch in the rain when we have forgotten:

‘Everything you do is of importance.’

  Photo credit: Betty Hall

Photo credit: Betty Hall