I wish the world had to sit when the sun set

While driving under a lavender sky, it is easy to be struck and amazed by the surrounding beauty of our world. The earth continues to spin, regardless of what we do, or do not do. Whether we contribute, whether we hide, whether we love...or are hurtful...the world continues to move. Even while driving, we can be in connection with all that is and feel gratitude to the earth for carrying on each day. And when the world seems harsh at times, we can always try to live in harmony with meaningful intentions.

There are certain times of the year that call us to pause, and reflect. We are at such a time. The Winter Solstice (Thursday, 12/21) marks a turn of the tides towards equanimity. This solstice is the longest night or period of darkness for the year, and the final day with the shortest amount of sunlight. From this day forward, the amount of daylight will become greater, yet in contrast, we are still gearing up for the winter months, of cold, darkness, and hibernation. This presents us an opportunity to strive for balance: while it may be cold outside (at least in New England), we seek shelter indoors and eat warm soup. We instinctively know how to survive the winter months, but so many of us complain, saying we are bored, sick, or even feel depressed. This year, try to embrace the season for introspection, relaxation, and a childlike excitement to get home, get under a mound of blankets, and rest!

We can also use this time to prepare for the year ahead, set goals, and take action to achieve our dreams. The darkness brings about a quiet that reminds us we are not alone on this spinning sphere and there is a whole orchestra of life around us to appreciate. When we can actually be still we may hear the answers to our deepest concerns, tap into our intuition, or feel a clarity about our purpose. Personally, I have very specific goals for 2018, but the most exciting intention I will set is to watch one sunset per week. No matter what I am doing, or regardless of how important it may seem, at least once a week, I want to turn to the setting sun to take in the beauty of another day. To be left in darkness and experience the sun’s gradient light meet the horizon to a point we could no longer see it, is a meditation in itself.

So, here is my charge to every reader: think of an intention or list of goals for the New Year and write them in the past tense. For instance, “In 2018, I developed a safe health routine and achieved my dream body. I took a walk three times a week, and fueled my body with clean foods and beverages.” Allow yourself to be specific, and maybe you will end up having a long list of intentions for the New Year! We are throwing out the cliches of “resolutions” and will work to cultivate desires that are from our souls to the world, so we can feel our best. If you’ve never had a New Year’s resolution…try something new and join this process; maybe you will surprise yourself!

I have opened up comments/likes on my blog, so please add in your intentions there, and you can even add them anonymously. Use this upcoming holiday season as a time to brainstorm, reflect, and prepare a vision for 2018. Next week, I will provide a breakdown of how to commit to your transformative intentions, and dive deeper into why this is a pertinent step in living as your best self.


Happy Holidays! Sending you all lots of joy, laughter, and love.

Get your books & blankets ready...it’s officially wintertime!