The framework for health I have developed stems from many different places. Recently, I have begun a monthly study group with my mentor and have found a deeper meaning to the word healer. In our most recent session, we discussed Energy Healing, which was not a new topic for me, but I was still reminded of something very important. My mentor has this way of teaching that makes you feel safe, supported, and grateful. Humility and kindness are her two strongest traits, and as I enter the world of healing, I am learning how those qualities are paramount. The ego has no place in healing, and there isn’t any talk of us being gifted, or even healers. The truth is, we are all healers and we all have this gift within us. For some, it may be a tool or channel you've become more acclimated to utilizing, but it is in every one of us. You are intuitive. You are capable of healing yourself, and others!

The secret to healing is...believing.

Whether that “secret” is earth-shattering to you, or old news, it is critical in achieving optimal health. 

On a hike the other day with a friend, he told me he was glad he already got his flu shot because now he won’t get sick. I swallowed my list of reasons as to why I would never get a flu vaccine (which he thanked me for), and I approached this from a different angle. I asked: “Do you think the fact that you got your flu shot gave you the belief that you wouldn’t get the flu, and therefore you feel protected or immune? Because every morning I do an energy wake-up routine to physically, mentally, and emotionally feel protected and therefore I believe I am healthy and ‘immune’ to the flu too.” He laughed. But, in all sincerity, I haven’t had the flu in a long time and haven’t had a flu shot since the 90’s. This isn’t ammunition for why you shouldn’t get a flu shot. If it works for you and prevents you from getting sick, then that’s great! But, what if your own belief and energy system could do that for you, naturally?

Yes, I know, it is not always as simple as adapting a single belief to change your health, mentality, or emotional well-being. However, positive thoughts and beliefs will take us all very far. For a positive belief to be fully engrained and rewired into your system, I believe you need to have a receptive system. This means, your energy pathways are crossing over, your left and right hemispheres of your brain are communicating, and you’re fairly clear of toxins. Toxins will be a separate topic of discussion, but for now, ensuring your energy is crossing over properly is one of the most important things you can do to create a receptive system for healing...for change...and to simply feel more alive!

Here’s the most simple way to try this out:

  • Take one hand and place it on the opposite shoulder.

  • Squeeze your shoulder as you inhale through your nose.

  • Slide your hand across your body to the opposite hip as you exhale through your mouth.

  • Continue to do this process, side-to-side, for about 12 breaths total, or for as long as you desire. This technique helps to clear brain fog, and can recharge you when the afternoon slump hits.

This is the “Cross-Crawl” adapted from Donna Eden. I currently am working with Lauren Walker, who is trained by Donna. Lauren is the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga. For more info, visit:

If this is your first exposure to your energy system, let me present basic principles:

  • Everything is energy; therefore we are energy.

  • Energy needs to move, and moves in specific patterns and pathways, which form your habits. (either good or bad)

  • We are electromagnetic, meaning we can use our hands to move our own energy, or even impact the energy of others.  

Energy Medicine has been around forever, literally. Ancient seers from disciplines we now know as Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Ayurveda all identified our energy pathways (meridians), our energy centers (chakras), and techniques to work with our energy bodies. Before science mapped out the endocrine system, or neurolymphatic system, people instinctively knew how to move their body in a certain way to benefit these complex systems. The Energy Medicine technique I mentioned above, is one of the many ways to impact your energy body. Everyone has a unique energy system, so how to work with it may vary. However, the simple method of crossing your hands over the front of your body is a great place to start to feel your energy change. Try doing this throughout the day when you need a clear head or a boost of energy; personally, I always incorporate this into my morning routine. Safe for kids, and people of all ages! It’s almost too simple not to try. 

What I like most about Energy Medicine, is that it will have an impact on your system, whether you are fully aware of it or not. It might take time for you to understand the language of your body and how to work with your energy, but you can feel the difference instantly. You don’t need to believe me, you can simply take this recommendation like you take your doctor’s recommendation to get the flu shot. (Bonus! Energy Medicine has ZERO negative side-effects.) And, when you add in belief to our ability to work with our energy system to heal, or to simply feel our absolute best, that’s when the magic really happens!