Dreamer vs. Doer

Dreams are an amazing thing.  They ignite a certain level of passion within us, get our radiant circuits sparking about - just like falling in love for the first time.  We all have dreams and some of us like to talk about them more than others.  One of the best things I recently learned from Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is that when you have a true desire, or intention, it’s often best to not share this with anyone.  Every time we take our dreams or desires and hang them out like the laundry, other people’s energy, opinions, or reactions to our dreams can hinder or alter our energy behind that desire.  This can impact the results, the path, or even whether or not we pursue the dream at all.  There is always that one loved one that you can share/confide in and perhaps you dream together, envisioning your most ideal life or circumstance.  

Hopefully, where you are right now, is what you may have dreamt about or longed for some time ago.  Even if you’re thinking to yourself, well my job is definitely not my dream: once upon a time, you were full of desires, intention, and were seeking a career to maybe just simply pay the bills, or use the degree you paid so much for, and well -- here you have it.  Or, perhaps you dreamt of finding your soulmate and building a life together, and now that’s where you are.  You dreamt of buying a house, writing a book, building a business, having children, traveling the world, etc. Do you have all of the things you thought you once wanted?  A version of what you dreamt of once upon a time? I believe that unless there was a traumatic event or change within someone’s life, most likely where you are sitting right now and the circumstances you find yourself in are the manifestation of your desires - consciously, or unconsciously.  We are the creators of our reality, right?

When dissatisfaction comes knocking at the door and you think, I need a new job, I need a new house, I need a new spouse, or I need to be a poet and I didn’t even know it…become curious of the stimulus to change.  It could come from a lack, a wandering eye, a sense of what is here is not good enough, or even from living in the future and missing what is in front of us.

You are the creator of your reality.

If you walk into your house and think it is the best place to be, exactly where you want to live, and it is your dream come true - it will be.  If you look at your partner and list all of the reasons you love them and focus on their positive traits - or show up to your job and think it’s your dream career - it should be that way.  However, we cannot be asleep at the wheel of life.  We can absolutely keep positive thinking at the forefront, which then will make us have more positive feelings about our life, but we must still dream.  Then, we must do.  Subconsciously our desires, intentions, and thoughts are all being sent out around us and like a magnet, are pulling in the people, circumstances, opportunities, and events of our life.  Sometimes there are karmic events, unexplained or unjustified traumas that may occur, which becomes the workings of the universe in our life; most likely to teach us something so we can evolve.

Through reflection, writing, meditation, or simple walks outdoors we can ask ourselves:

  • What is my dream? (what ignites my passion, joy, or is my unique gift or talent I can share with the world?)
  • What do I do? (how am I spending my days, what thoughts, feelings, or beliefs are at the forefront of my brain and how does this impact my circumstance?)

Dreams allow us to ponder our current condition and is one of the many gifts of the human consciousness.  We can be creative, critical thinkers, and discover our soul’s purpose and greatest desire.  We can live our dream, not just do a job and try to put our dreams aside or in a box to be opened on the weekends.  Yes, responsibilities, obligations, etc are a means of pressuring us to conform to what we think is required, or what society needs.  But, wouldn’t the world benefit from more consciously aware habitants?  From individuals with better work/life balance?  I think we all can say yes.  So now, let’s ask ourselves how we can turn our dreaming into doing.


It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting..png